Help Get Candidates to Answer our Questions!

A Call to Action


You have a right to know where candidates stand on the most important issues in your community. Even after multiple contacts from League volunteers across the country, some candidates have not yet answered our questions – which is why we need your help!

We’re asking you to urge your candidates to fill out the voter guide as soon as possible. The more voters who contact candidates, the more likely they are to fill it out. Here’s how you can help:

  1. Tag the candidate in a tweet.

Sample Tweet: As a voter, I want to hear where my candidates stand on the issues. That’s why I’m calling on @[candidate] to respond to the @VOTE411 voter guide, so voters can be informed before casting our ballot! #LWVVoterGuide

  1. Send candidates a Facebook message or email them.

Sample Message: Hello! I want to learn about where you stand on the issues in our community. Could you please respond to VOTE411’s voter guide  as soon as possible so voters in [INSERT YOUR CITY OR STATE] can be informed before casting our ballots? Thank you.

  1. Write a letter to the editor asking candidates to fill out VOTE411 voter guides. Public requests encourage candidates to respond to the calls of voters.

This is an opportunity to encourage and persuade candidates to respond, so please be respectful but direct in your messages.

If you or one of the candidates you reach out to have any questions, you can contact us at

Thank you for helping us with the voter guide!


Check if the candidates on your ballot have responded!

If there’s an upcoming election in your area, our League of Women Voters volunteers are hard at work creating your voter guides for VOTE411. Enter your address below to see if your state’s voter guide is published and if your candidates have responded.

All above responses come directly from the candidates and are unedited by LWV. The League does not support or oppose any candidates or parties.


VOTE411 is committed to ensuring voters have the information they need to successfully participate in every election. Whether it's local, state, or federal, every election is important to ensure our laws and policies reflect the values and beliefs of our communities. On VOTE411, you can register to vote, see what's on your ballot, and see where your candidates stand on the issues that matter in your community. For u voters to be informed about the candidates on our ballot, we must hear from the candidates themselves.

All candidate responses to our questions come directly from the candidates and are unedited by the League of Women Voters. The League does not support or oppose any candidates or parties.


Each candidate in the VOTE411 voter guide is invited to answer, in their own words, our candidate questions. candidates to speak directly to you, the voters, through our online voter guide platform, ensures the their views are accurately represented.

Since its inception in 2006, VOTE411 has provided tens of millions of voters with the information they need before Election Day. When a candidate does not respond to our questions, you, the voters, do not get the information they need before casting their ballots.

Thank you for helping us encourage candidates to respond to our questions so that voters have as much information as possible!


Did the candidate respond to the voter guide after you contacted them? Consider thanking them for participating! You can send them a message on social media or even write a letter or email to them.

Sample Tweet/Facebook Post:

Thank you @[candidate] for responding to @VOTE411’s Voter Guide so that voters can be informed before casting their vote! 🗳️ #VOTE411VoterGuide