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Alaska Absentee Ballot Process

If you are unable to vote in Alaska on Election Day, you can vote absentee:

  • In person (available 15 days before an election)
  • By mail (deadline for applying is 10 days before an election)
  • By fax (available 15 days before an election)

Absentee ballot applications are available and can be requested and turned in anytime for each calendar year. The application deadline is 10 days prior to the election. You can request a ballot for a specific election or for all elections in the year. To receive an absentee ballot by mail, you must first send an application in order for your voter registration to be verified. One you have submitted your absentee ballot, you can verify your status by using your Secretary of State's tool.

Send your application to the Division of Elections, Absentee Voting Office, 619 Ship Creek Ave, Suite 329, Anchorage, AK 99501-1677, phone is 907-375-6400, fax 907-375-6480,

Apply early to receive your ballot in time. Regular absentee ballots are mailed approximately one to two weeks before an election. If your absentee ballot is to be sent to a remote area of Alaska and you will be there 60 days before or during an election, you may request a special advance ballot on this site.

A special advance ballot will be mailed approximately 60 days before the election up until 32 days before the election. A regular ballot will also be mailed when available. Vote and return both ballots to make sure one is received. If both are received, only the regular ballot will be counted. Vote your ballot, have your signature witnessed on the envelope and mail it by Election Day.

If you have questions about your absentee ballot application, you should contact the absentee voting office at (907) 375-6400.

Absentee Voting by fax should be your last alternative to casting your ballot. By using this method to return your voted ballot, you need to be aware that you are voluntarily waiving your right to a secret ballot. You must apply separately for each election. You must submit your request no later than 5:00 pm the day before Election Day. If you are returning your ballot by fax, it must be voted, witnessed and received by the appropriate fax in the absentee voting office by 8:00 pm on Election Day.

If you are a qualified voter who is disabled, you may apply for an absentee ballot through a personal representative who can bring the ballot to you. A personal representative can be anyone over 18, except a candidate for office in the election, your employer, an agent of your employer, or an officer or agent of your union. Ballots are available 15 days before the primary, general or statewide special election at any regional elections office.

The personal representative brings the completed application to an election official for a ballot and takes the ballot to you. You complete a certificate authorizing the personal representative to carry your ballot, vote the ballot privately, place it in a secrecy sleeve and seal it inside the envelope provided. The personal representative brings the voted ballot back to the election official by 8:00 pm on Election Day.

Overseas citizens and U.S. military personnel can register to vote and request an absentee ballot at the Overseas Vote Foundation.


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