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Maryland Voting Machines

Beginning in November, 2016, Maryland voters will use a new voter-verifiable paper record voting system. This new system will replace the touchscreen voting system used in previous years.

Voter-verifiable Paper Voting System: Voters will mark a paper ballot and then feed the ballot into a ballot scanner. The scanner will read the voter's selection and the ballot will drop into a locked ballot box.

The scanner uses technology that can identify the voters selections. When you mark your ballot by hand, the scanner will look for marks inside the ovals. If you make any other types of marks (check marks, etc.) the scanner will let you know that you need to correct your ballot. You can ask the scanner to return your ballot and make your corrections on a new ballot.

You will not get a receipt showing how you voted, however, you will continue to get your "I Voted" sticker to show you voted.

For more information on the new voting system, check out your state's resource.


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