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Texas Provisions for Voters with Disabilities

If you have a sickness or physical condition that prevents you from voting without personal assistance or voting could negatively impact your health, you are eligible to vote using the early voting by mail materials on election day, at the main early voting polling place, or at your precinct polling place.

If you are physically unable to enter the polling place, an election official may deliver the ballot to you at the entrance or curb of the polling place. If you are physically unable to mark your ballot, or cannot read the ballot, you are eligible for assistance. You may choose anyone as an assistant except your employer or an officer of your union, or an agent of either. The assistant must take an oath of assistance administered by an election official. The assistant may read the ballot to you and mark your ballot. If you do not choose your own assistant, two election officials (of different political parties in the General Election) may assist you. Poll watchers and inspectors can observe the assistance by election officials.

An interpreter may be used if you and the election official cannot speak the same language. The interpreter must be a registered voter of the county, must take the oath of assistance and may interpret for any number of voters. Under HAVA, all Texas counties must provide one direct electronic voting machine (DRE) at each polling place for use by voters with visual disabilities, so they may cast their ballot without assistance. These machines are equipped with headphones and a keypad.

To find out more about how you may receive support while voting, click here.

For more information, you can utilize the American Association of People With Disabilities (AAPD) resource.

If you are a person with a disability and have questions about your voting rights, call Disability Rights Texas’ Voting Hotline at 1-888-796-VOTE (8683)


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