When registering to vote, you are required to provide proof of identity, age, citizenship, and domicile (where you live). Proof of identity, age, citizenship and domicile can be shown by providing one or more of the below options:

  • Current driver's license or non-driver's license
  • Current passport
  • Current military photo ID
  • Naturalization papers
  • Student ID
  • Employee ID
  • Birth Certificate
  • Rental lease
  • Evidence of a home purchase
  • Vehicle registration
  • Tax bill
  • Utility bill
  • Proof that you've asked the Post Office to use your street address as your mailing address
  • Any other document that reasonably establishes your identity and local domicile

Identity, age, and citizenship can be proven by affidavit if you do not have documents for these.

If you go to register more than 30 days before an election, and you do not have proof of where you live, you will be asked to come back later with that proof before you register. If you register less than 30 days before the election, or on Election Day and you do not have proof of where you live you will be given a ballot. You will be asked to return within several weeks with paperwork, if you can get such documents (check with the ballot officials for specific time frame in your town and for the list of documents you might provide). No penalty applies if you fail to return with the documents.

If you register within 30 days of an election or on Election Day:

  • If you can, bring papers to prove your identity, age, citizenship and where you live.
  • If you don't have a driver's license, passport or birth certificate (or naturalization papers), you can prove your identity, age, and citizenship by signing a form provided by the election official.
  • Students at colleges or boarding schools may bring paperwork from school officials to prove they live on-campus. They may also show this on a smartphone.
  • You will be asked to sign a statement saying you understand the registration requirements and that you have told the truth on the form.