Provisional Ballots are counted 6 days after the election.

You will be asked to vote a provisional ballot for at least one of the following reasons:

  • Your name is not in the precinct register
  • The precinct register indications that you are provisionally registered, which has not been resolved
  • You have claimed registration with Motor Vehicle Division or other agency, which could not be immediately confirmed
  • You swore that you were eligible to vote due to not receiving or destroying your absentee ballot
  • Your right to vote was challenged at the polls
  • Your ID was insufficient and/or did not include a valid form of ID
  • You failed to sign the register
  • You are a late registrant who voted provisionally

If necessary, you must provide clear and convincing evidence either on Election Day or by 5pm the day after the election in order to verify your identity and/or eligibility to have your provisional ballot counted. You may provide this information in person, by fax, by email or by mail postmarked by the day after election day.