Kentucky now has a photo ID law for voting.  The Special Election in November 2021 will be the first time that this law will be implemented. (The requirement was waived in the Fall 2020 election because Coronavirus prevented many people from obtaining the appropriate ID.)

A valid ID to vote, must have the voter’s name and photograph AND be issued by either:  

  • The United States or the Commonwealth of Kentucky;  
  • The United States Department of Defense, a branch of the uniformed services, the Merchant Marines, or the Kentucky National Guard;  
  • A public or private college, university, or postgraduate technical or professional school located within the United States; 
  •  Any city government, county government, urban-county government, charter county government, consolidated local government, or unified local government, which is located within this state

The most common form of a valid photo ID is your driver’s license. Other examples of acceptable ID (as long as they include your name and photo) are:  

  • Military ID  
  • College ID  
  • Kentucky government ID 

A voter’s identity can still be confirmed by personal acquaintance with an election official, but now the election official must sign an affirmation.

For additional information please contact your Board of Elections.

Voters can call or text 844-338-8743 at any time to reach VoteRiders Voter ID Helpline