Provisional ballots are counted 20 days after the election.

Requirements for provisional voting:

  • You attest that you have registered to vote, and are eligible to vote in the correct district and precinct in that election, but there is no evidence of registration
  • An election official asserts that you are not eligible to vote
  • You registered to vote for the first time by mail and did not provide the required ID with the registration application and did not bring ID at the polling place

Provisional voting procedures:

An election official at the polling place shall notify you that you may cast a provisional ballot in that election.

You shall be permitted to cast a provisional ballot at the polling place upon execution of a written affirmation (affirmation for provisional voting) on the registration affidavit form before an election official at the polling place, stating that you are:

  • A registered voter in the jurisdiction where you desire to vote; and
  • eligible to vote in that election

An election official shall transmit the provisional ballot to the county clerk for prompt verification. If the county clerk determines that you are eligible under state law to vote, then your provisional ballot shall be counted. You will be given a copy of the Registration Affidavit Form (RAF) with the 211 toll free number to call to verify whether their provisional ballot was counted or not, and if not, the reason that the vote was not counted.