Provisional ballots will be counted no later than 6 days after the election.

Provisional ballots are issued in the following situations:

  • You claim to be an elector in a jurisdiction, but you are not on the official voter list
  • The registrar determines that you cannot be restored or transferred from another polling place
  • A polling district moderator decides that you may not vote in the primary or election
  • You fail to provide appropriate identification

If you are requesting a provisional ballot, you should request it from the polling district in which you reside. Registrars of voters will forthwith verify the information contained with each provisional ballot to determine whether you are eligible to vote and note their decision on the outer envelope containing the ballot. If they can determine that you should have been on the official voting list and your vote is eligible, they will open and count the vote. Connecticut does not offer a provisional ballot in elections where there is no federal office on the ballot.