All registered voters are eligible to request to vote by mail beginning in April 2020! You can request your mail ballot online, through a paper form (found in English and Espanol), in person at your County Election office or through a signed letter to your County Election Office.

You must provide your PA driver's license or photo ID to register online.

All mail-in ballot applications must be received by 5pm the Tuesday before the election in order to be considered for the next election. If your request is approved you will receive a mail ballot with instructions from your County Election Office.

After applying, you can track the status of your ballot here.

You can request to be added to the annual mail-ballot request list where you receive an application to renew your mail ballot request each year. Once your application is approved, you will automatically receive ballots for the remainder of the year and you do not need to send an application for each election. Contact your County Election Office for more information.