Colorado ID Needed for Voting

If you are voting by mail for the first time you may need to provide a photocopy of your identification with your ballot. Voters who recently registered for the first time and are voting by mail are required to provide a photocopy of their identification.

When voting in person you will need one of the following types of identification:


A first-time voter who registers and did not provide identification with their application, may need to show identification at the polls. To be safe, bring your driver's license or another photo ID.

Arkansas ID Needed for Voting

Photo IDs are not required to cast your ballot.

If you are a first time voter who registered by mail and did not submit a copy of the required ID with the applications, you must show one of the following before casting your ballot:

  • Valid Arkansas Driver's License or other photo ID
  • Copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or other government document that shows your name and address

If you do not show one of these forms of ID you may vote a Provisional Ballot.

Arizona ID Needed for Voting

You will be required to show proof of identity at the polling place before receiving a ballot. You will announce your name and place of residence to the election official and present one form of identification that bears your name, address, and photograph or two different forms of identification that bear your name and address. An identification is valid unless it can be determined on its face that it has expired.

Acceptable forms of identification with photograph, name, and address:

Alaska ID Needed for Voting

You will need to show your signed voter ID card, or any other signed ID that will allow the election worker to verify your signature. Examples include your driver's license, military ID, Indian ID, fish and game license, state ID card, passport, or senior citizen ID card. A picture ID is not necessary.

You may also present one of the following forms of ID if it includes your name and current address:

Delaware ID Needed for Voting

You will be asked to show ID at the polls. However, you do not need to show ID in order to vote. If you do not show an ID you must fill out a form before you can vote, but you will still be allowed to cast your ballot.

Acceptable forms of ID include:

  • Delaware Drivers License or State ID
  • US Passport
  • Signed Polling Place or Social Security Card
  • Signed vehicle registration
  • Signed credit card with photo
  • Similar document that IDs the person by photo or signature.
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