Alaska Provisional Voting

Provisional ballots are counted 15 days after the election.

Provisional voting is available if you do not have identification or are not personally known by the election official, or if your name does not appear on the precinct register at the polling place where you are attempting to vote. You will have to vote a provisional ballot that will be delivered to a regional election office for verification of eligibility before being counted.

Florida Provisional Voting

Provisional ballots are counted by noon, 4 days after a General Election and 3 days after a Primary Election.

Voters receive a provisional ballot if:

  • their registration cannot be verified at the polls
  • an absentee ballot has been issued but the voter fails to bring it to the polls
  • voter fails to provide proper ID
  • the polling hours are extended (these provisional ballots are segregated from all other provisional ballots).

Voters must cast their provisional ballot in the correct polling place in order for it to be counted.

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