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Washington Provisional Voting

A provisional ballot is issued if:

  • A voter’s name is not listed as a registered voter,
  • If they cannot sign their name,
  • Or if they do not have proper identification.

The verification process checks registration, ensures the ballot is not a duplicate, and inspects the signature. Only verified provisional ballots are counted. Washington state offer same-day registration in person, which greatly reduces the need for provisional ballots.

Utah Provisional Voting

You may vote a provisional ballot if you meet specific conditions.

You may vote a provisional ballot if:

  • You moved anywhere in the state but did not re-register at your new address. You will be allowed to vote a provisional ballot at your new polling location
  • You registered through any public agency but your name does not appear on the Official Register. You will be allowed to vote a provisional ballot at your new polling location

All provisional voters will be asked for photo ID and/or proof of current residence at the polls.

Tennessee Provisional Voting

If you claim to be registered but are not on the list, you can receive a provisional ballot for later verification. Ballots are eligible for verification if votes are cast in the correct precinct.

Tennessee does not provide a limited provisional ballot.

Provisional ballots are counted within 4 business days after Election Day.


South Dakota Provisional Voting

If you are not authorized to vote, are successfully challenged, or are otherwise denied the ability to vote and you maintain that you are currently registered to vote in that precinct, you may cast a ballot which shall be called a provisional ballot.

You must complete an affirmation for a provisional ballot. Provisional Ballots are counted 7-17 days after the election.

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