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Provisional Voting

Wisconsin Provisional Voting

A provisional ballot is a ballot that is marked by a voter but is not counted at the time it is cast. It is issued to a voter who is unable to provide the poll worker with the required documentation. There are three instances where you may vote a provisional ballot:


A provisional ballot is a regular ballot issued to a person seeking to vote in a polling place under the following circumstances:

  • Your name does not appear in the poll book
  • Your name is in the poll back but there is an indication that you were issued an absentee ballot and you wish to vote at the polls
  • You fail to produce identification when required
  • Other circumstances as determined by the precinct election official

After the election you may contact your county elections department to confirm that your ballot was counted.

Washington Provisional Voting

Voters can request that a provisional ballot be mailed to them by contacting their County Auditor's office. Provisional ballot means a ballot issued to a voter who would otherwise be denied an opportunity to vote a regual ballot, for any reason authorized by the Help America Vote Act, including but not limited to the following:

West Virginia Provisional Voting

If there is a question about your eligibility to vote in an election, you may vote a provisional ballot. You might vote a provisional ballot if:

Virginia Provisional Voting

There are several reason a voter may vote a provisional ballot:


A provisional ballot is only used if a person trying to vote at the polling place is not on the checklist and cannot affirm they registered to vote by the deadline.

Provisional ballots are eligible if they are cast in the correct jurisdiction.


Provisional voting was mandated to ensure that every eligible voter who is registered or who believes they are registered can cast a ballot in federal elections with the knowledge that a fair process will be followed to determine if the provisional ballot is eligible to be counted. You may vote a provisional ballot if:

Texas Provisional Voting

You are eligible to vote a provisional ballot if:

Tennessee Provisional Voting

If you claim to be registered but are not on the list, you can receive a provisional ballot for later verification. Ballots are eligible for verification if votes are cast in the correct precinct. Tennessee does not provide a limited provisional ballot.


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