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Provisional Voting

Louisiana Provisional Voting

Provisional ballots are counted by 3 days after the election.

You must be a registered voter in the parish where you vote and eligible to vote in the election for federal office for your provisional ballot to be counted. There are several reasons why you may vote a provisional ballot. Those reasons are:

Kentucky Provisional Voting

Provisional ballots are counted by 12pm the Friday after the election.

You can vote on federal offices on a provisional ballot in federal elections if you live in the precinct and you find yourself under one of the following circumstances:

Iowa Provisional Voting

Provisional ballots are counted the Thursday after Election Day.

If your name is not on the list of registered voters, you may register to vote at the polls on Election day and vote a regular ballot.

If you do not have the proper forms of ID to register on Election Day, or if someone challenges your right to vote on Election day, you may cast a provisional ballot.

Indiana Provisional Voting

Provisional ballots are counted 10 days after the election.

If you believe you are registered to vote in a precinct, but your name does not appear on the poll list, or if you have been challenged as not qualified to vote in your precinct, you will cast a provisional ballot.

Illinois Provisional Voting

Provisional ballots are counted 14 days after an election. To find out if your vote was counted, please use your state's provisional ballot tool.

An election judge will issue you a provisional ballot at your polling place if:

Hawaii Provisional Voting

Provisional ballots are counted 20 days after the election.

Requirements for provisional voting:

Georgia Provisional Voting

UPDATE: The Secretary of State has established a hotline voters can call to check on the status of thier provisional ballot. If you voted provisionally in the 2018 General Election, please call this toll free number: 1-844-537-5375. For more information about this hotline please click here.

Voters have 3 days after the election to verify registration with the County Registrar.

District of Columbia Provisional Ballot Process

Provisional ballots are counted 10 days after the election.

You will be required to cast a provisional ballot if:

Florida Provisional Voting

Provisional ballots are counted by noon, 4 days after a General Election and 3 days after a Primary Election.

Voters receive a provisional ballot if:

  • their registration cannot be verified at the polls
  • an absentee ballot has been issued but the voter fails to bring it to the polls
  • voter fails to provide proper ID
  • the polling hours are extended (these provisional ballots are segregated from all other provisional ballots).

Voters must cast their provisional ballot in the correct polling place in order for it to be counted.

Delaware Provisional Voting

Provisional ballots begin being counted the day following an election. You can check the status of your provisional ballot to determine if your vote was counted.


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