Voters will be asked to show photo ID when voting in North Carolina, starting with the 2023 municipal elections. Those elections occur in September, October, and November, depending on your town or city. 

For more information, see Voter ID and FAQ: Voter ID. In addition to the list of acceptable Photo IDs for voting, there are important links for information on where to get a No-fee ID Card.

Remember, the address on the photo ID does not have to match the voter registration records.

Suppose you do not show an acceptable ID at the polls. In that case, you may proceed in one of the two following ways: 

  • with an ID Exception Form and a provisional ballot or 
  • with a provisional ballot and return it to your county board of elections office with your photo ID by the day before county canvass.

Watch: Click here to learn about the new voter photo ID requirement in all upcoming elections.