You can obtain an absentee ballot through your county clerk's office or fill out an absentee ballot request form here. To qualify for a mail-in absentee ballot, you must fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • Be of advanced age
  • Have a disability or illness
  • Be a student who temporarily resides outside the county
  • Temporarily reside outside of Kentucky (perhaps on vacation)
  • Be incarcerated but not yet convicted
  • Have a profession that takes you out of the county during the hours the polls are open
  • Be a military personnel confined to a military base on election day

The deadline for applying for a mail-in absentee ballot is seven days before an election. The completed application must be received by the county clerk by mail or in person by the seven day deadline. The absentee ballot must be received in the county clerk's office by 6:00 pm on Election Day for the ballot to be counted.

You can apply for a medical emergency absentee ballot if a medical emergency occurs within 14 days before an election. The spouse of the voter can also apply for an absentee ballot.

You may request an application for an absentee ballot through county clerk's office in person, by phone, by mail or by fax. Also, the voter's spouse, parent or child can request an application for a mail-in absentee ballot.

Overseas citizens and U.S. military personnel can find information on how to register to vote and request an absentee ballot at the Overseas Vote Foundation.