Provisional ballots are counted by 3 days after the election.

You must be a registered voter in the parish where you vote and eligible to vote in the election for federal office for your provisional ballot to be counted. There are several reasons why you may vote a provisional ballot. Those reasons are:

  • You are in the parish where you are registered to vote and you are voting at the wrong precinct.
  • You are in a precinct that is not in the parish where you are registered to vote.
  • You are not registered to vote in Louisiana, and you enter a precinct to vote.

For all these instances, you may vote a paper provisional ballot for federal offices, you will not be allowed to vote on the voting machines for state, local or municipal offices, propositions or constitutional amendments.

If you have cast a provisional ballot and would like to know if it was counted, please utilize your state's resource. Voters should wait at least 7 days after an election to check the status.