Provisional ballots will be counted after the voters' eligibility is confirmed and no later than 9 days after a primary, general, odd-year, or coordinated election..

You may vote provisionally if:

  • You vote outside the county where you live (if you chose this option your provisional ballot will not count if it is determined you voted in the wrong county instead of the correct county.)
  • The statewide registration system shows you already voted in the election
  • You don't present a valid form of ID

You can register and change your address on Election Day to vote a normal ballot.

After you vote a provisional ballot, you will receive a receipt. This receipt will explain how you determine the status of your provisional ballot.

A provisional ballot affidavit is treated as a voter registration application for the next election, regardless of whether the provisional ballot is counted, as long as the affidavit contains all the required information and the voter is eligible to register.